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Since 2004, Laugh All Night has hosted comedy concerts for the entire family across North America. Featuring today's top Christian comedians, the Laugh All Night comedy concert is an event that can be enjoyed by all.

The event is designed as a strategic outreach for the church and community and is packed with hilarious comedy. People can invite their friends and family to a great night of comedy.


Church and Tour Partnership

This is a free event to the community and there is no financial obligation to the host Laugh All Night. We do most of the event organization and provide you with best practices to promote the event. We ask for the church's assistance in receiving a love offering during the evening to help recover the costs of the event.

The founder of Laugh All Night has a HUGE heart for outreach both to our neighborhoods and the world. Laugh All Night is sponsored by New Missions. Since 1983, God has been using New Missions to impact the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through education, medical care and evangelism. The comedian will introduce their involvement with the mission through child sponsorship midway through the evening.


too good to be true?

“We have hosted the Laugh All Night Comedy Concert at our church with record attendance. We were pleased to provide an event for our church family and friends that resulted in our doors being opened to literally thousands of guests. Laugh All Night has been one of our highest attended Sunday night events. My family and I enjoyed the night tremendously, and especially enjoyed the personal interaction with the comedians. I believe your church will benefit greatly from hosting Laugh All Night.” David Uth, Senior Pastor - First Baptist Orlando, FL

“When we hosted the Laugh All Night Comedy Concert, we were thrilled to open our balcony on a Sunday night and welcome thousands of guests from the community. The quality of the event was exceptional and the largest event we hosted on a Sunday night all year.” Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor - First Baptist Woodstock, GA


Host Laugh All Night

Laugh All Night hosts limited dates throughout the year. Contact us today to see how you can bring Laugh All Night to your community. You also receive a link to download our latest DVD for FREE. We look forward to serving your church and community with this hilarious comedy event.


Dave Nowak
Executive Director

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