Tech Requirements:

1. A good microphone on a round-based straight microphone stand is needed.

2. A monitor capable of delivering clear sound at a reasonable volume without hums or distortion.

3. The ability to play and project music and video. 

4. A back-up microphone on the stage for emergency use.

5. A soundperson who will be available for sound check 30 minutes before doors open.

6. Often an additional XLR mic-line and 110v power is needed on stage if our comedian is using an instrument.

7. Large cleared stage with a stool.

8. Bright lighting covering the entire stage area.

9. Two 8’ tables in lobby.

10. 3 volunteers to assist with resources at the tables

Typical Show Flow

4:30pm - Load In / Set-up / Soundcheck

5:00pm - Volunteer Training

5:25pm - Doors Open: Start pre-show video. Download Here

6:00pm - SHOW TIME: Welcome from Pastor or Host.

6:05pm - COMEDIAN

6:45pm - New Missions Introduction: Comedian will cue video. Download Video Here.

6:55pm - Offertory Set-up: Pastor pray for offering. Play video while offering is taking place. Download Video Here.

7:00pm- COMEDIAN

7:15pm - GOOD NIGHT: Play LAN Outro Video. Download Video Here.